Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Bucket List Review

What’s the use of having a bucket list if you don’t revisit it to see if you can actually scratch some items off that you've completed?  Well, that’s what I’m doing today.  I’m reviewing the 3 bucket lists I created over the past year to see how much I was able to accomplish. 

Host a wine party
Host a prepackaged food party
Carve or decorate a pumpkin
Go to a fall festival 
Make chili and taco soup
Attend a Halloween party
Attend my college homecoming game
Attend the Charleston Mac-Off 
Thanksgiving with my family 

Looks like I did a pretty good job with my Fall list from last year.  7 out of 11 events checked off that list.  Let’s see how well I did with the Spring list.

Get up and get going
Begin yoga classes
Fly a kite
Go to a local farmer’s market
Take a walk on the beach
Practice more R.A.K

I’m really proud of myself for basically completing this one.  By the time I wrote this, many kites had been sold.  When I went out to purchase one, I couldn’t find any that I liked.  There were several kid designed ones around and then there were some that just didn’t suit me.  Next year for sure, I’ll be able to check this one off my list.  J
Leaving the festival I realized I still had tickets so I handed them to a family just arriving.  That was my random act of kindness or R.A.K.  

And lastly, My Summer Bucket List, now this one was put together with the least amount of thought…well somewhat. 

Take a weekend getaway
Try a new restaurant
Start an herb garden
Begin my weight loss journey
Began, but not as successful as I would like
Go to an amusement park  
Go to a concert Reggae at the Music Farm
Make my own popsicles  Well I bought the containers :)
Go bike riding
Picnic in the park… Reggae in the park counts, right?  We bought food while we were there.
Watch fireworks
Take a dip in the ocean...Well that was a no brainer
Go for an evening walk through the neighborhood...Man it was too hot.
Read a book…I’m still disappointed with myself
Try a new summery nail color   I tried several
I still haven't started yoga, so... 
Well actually, I did.  I attended a class right after writing the Spring Bucket List post (see above), and then I went to a class held at my job for health and wellness week.

I’m a very random person and I can be very spontaneous. So, at times I actually plan events, but many were mostly spare of the moment.  I’m glad to see that most of the items on my bucket lists were accomplish and I will try to complete the other items in the near future.

How are you doing with your bucket list(s)?  Were you able to complete the items you listed? 
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Ember Grey