Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Fall Bucket List

Being new to blogging has proven to be a challenge to me.  Thoughts are constantly popping  into my head, but I'm beginning to over analyze myself.  Today, the SITS Girls posted a challenge to inspire us to blog.  How can I not accept it?  With my current  lack of focus, this can only help me along my way.

Back to Blogging Challenge Day 1:  Fall Bucket List

If you have ever lived in Charleston,  you would know how unpredictable  our weather can be.  The last couple of weeks, it seemed as if I were living in Seattle with all the rain we've had.   With today being the first day of Fall, I was really surprised by the chill in the air.  Yes, it was another rainy day, but the late afternoon chill really made it feel like Fall .  I actually went and purchased some chili from Ladles and anyone who knows me knows that I do not eat soup or chili until the weather starts to cool.  I even received a text from a friend this evening that simple stated, " Is it cool enough for soup? " :-)

I'm not a major fan of Fall because I love to wear capris and sandals.  Now, it looks like my toes will have to go into seclusion for awhile.  Not too long I'm sure; remember I live in Charleston.

So let's see...what would I include on my list? Things I like as well as new things to discover. 

Host a wine party
Host a prepackaged food party
Carve or decorate a pumpkin
Go to a fall festival 
Make chili and taco soup
Attend a Halloween party
Attend my college homecoming game
Attend the Charleston Mac-Off 
Thanksgiving with my family 

Well that's my list, what's yours?