Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Currently March Vol. 3


Enjoying:  Our faculty Easter egg hunt!  The social committee put together a surprise hunt and sent out this email:

Teachers and staff, get hoppin’! Keep your ears peeled for numbered, paper eggs “hidden” around the building. The paper eggs can be found in any office areas, teacher work rooms, and teacher restrooms. Once found, please bring a single paper egg to the media center to be exchanged for the real deal J

Stuffed eggs contain chocolate and/or free jeans day, early out day, 50 cents toward the snack or soda of your choice, and, of course, the GOLDEN EGG which contains a crisp $20 bill.

Happy Spring Break! 

When I got to work the next day, I kept thinking they were going to hide mini, plastic eggs, but they hid handmade ones all around the school in some creative places.  We had a lot of fun and the prizes were great! See if you can find the one's hidden in these pictures.

Field Tripping: to Kiawah Island to expose students with an interest in the Architecture and Construction career cluster to the works of a local architect.  Let's just say we were all amazed at the beauty he created.

Starting:  Spring Break off with a bang!  Had dinner with a friend and she cooked up a delicious cajun, chicken casserole with an encrusted doritos chip topping.  I've got to get the recipe.  So far, I've  also enjoyed bottomless mimosas, and a great brunch at Bonefish Grill for Easter.

Notice the Funk Zone wine from Club W.  Love the bottle and the wine!

Receiving:  My Cozy Collection from Starbucks.  I was so hoping to get this back in February when it was nice and cold outside.  Love it's contents:  a nice, soft plaid throw blanket.  A nice official, ceramic mug.  Some shortbread cookies, marshmallows and some hot cocoa to indulge in.  It was a rainy Easter weekend, which cooled down the temperatures nicely, so I was able to try the hot cocoa and enjoy!

Celebrating:  Resurrection Day.  Our church service was very nice and the singing was spectacular as always.  I didn't think to grab a pic of my son before he took off his suit...bummer.  So, we snapped this one after we got home from brunch.  It'll suffice.

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Sunday, March 20, 2016

Currently March Vol. 2


Welcoming: Spring...Spring is here!  I  am looking forward to the warm weather, the beautiful flowers, and festivals galore.  Not quite sure what's going on at the present, cause our temperatures have taken a slight dip.  Today's high was only in the 60s, it was raining, and chilly.  Tomorrow is expected to be the same, minus the rain.

Hosting:  A giveaway!  Its spring and what better way to welcome it then by giving away a few gifts to my awesome followers.  Have you entered? Then what are you waiting for!  Click the photo below to get to the post and enter.  ***Update:  Giveaway has ended. ***

Attending:  Charleston Fashion Week!  I could only make it one night, but what a night of fun it was! It was my cousin's second year modeling and she was able to book 10 events!  So proud of her and wishing her much success in the future.  

Check out this video from the Lilly Pulitzer collection during the Belk runway show.  

Celebrating:  My boys' birthday. I was only able to spend time with one that day, the other was still away at college. They turned 22 and I couldn't be more happier or proud of the the men they are becoming.  Love you guys!  

Eating:  This delicious Chop Salad at Fish.  It's ingredients include romaine, bacon, cashews, dried fruits, rice croutons, and boursin cheese vinaigrette.   When I say delicious, I mean DELICIOUS!  

What are you currently up to?  
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Saturday, March 19, 2016

My Sunday Photo: DJ In The Fashion Lounge

This year marked the 10th annual showcase of fashion in the lowcountry, better known as Charleston Fashion Week.  I was blessed with a ticket for one night of events.  Hanging out in between shows in the Belk Fashion Lounge,  I was impressed with the rhythmic sounds coming from the DJ that was entertaining us.  The lounge itself was covered with the patterns and designs of Lilly Pulitzer.  Its colorful array was the perfect backdrop for these gorgeous pictures.  Not only can she work the beats, she was also working her look.  :)

Hello Spring Giveaway

I've always stated that SPRING is my favorite time of year.  Most recently, I've been thinking...NOT!  I have developed severe allergies to trees and the pollen levels are killing me.   This morning, our area was covered in a blanket of yellow haze.  I was like, "What the heck? I should be allowed the day off."   Other than that, I still love spring.  The warm weather, the beautiful skies, the cool breezes, and everything fresh and renewed.  The reality is that spring is here and Easter is not too far behind.

I thought I would celebrate the arrival with a little giveaway.  My grab bag of goodies will include items for your hair, skin, and nails to get you all prepped for the warm weather.   Easter goodies? Yep, they're in there!  A few cute items to fill your adult Easter basket!  These are just a few goodies you can expect and a few more may be thrown in for kindness.  So what are you waiting for? Start pressing those little buttons and enjoy!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

The giveaway will run from 3/19/16 - 3/27/16 and is open to US Residents only.  The winner will be notified by email and will have 48 hours to respond or a new entrant will be chosen. Entries will be verified.  So good luck!

What are your favorite things about spring?  Do you have any plans this Easter?

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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Confession Session

I confess that I got the idea for this post from my blogging friend Mia at The Chronicles of Chaos .

I confess that I began writing it at 2:53 am when I couldn't sleep.

I confess that I have broken out in some ugly looking hives this time and I've been itching like crazy and want to get that painfully shot of meds in my butt to make it all better. Sorry, not sorry.

I confess that I've become somewhat of a procrastinator with things in my personal life.  Work rules. 

I confess that sometimes..........it gets lonely living in this big house all alone.  

I confess that I began writing this post about 5 weeks ago.

I confess that this is my second time trying to finish this post that I began 5 weeks ago.

I confess that I have all sorts of great post ideas floating around in my head, but just can't find the time to write them.

I confess that I bought diet coke only for the cute bottles.  I have ideas for them, though.

I confess that I wanted to host a giveaway this week, but again haven't had time to organize a post.

I confess that I will get the giveaway post up and running by the weekend because I've already purchased the items I wish to give away.

I confess that Usher keeps running through my head as I'm writing this. 
I confess that lately I've been loving the sounds of James Bay.  His song, Let It Go kept flowing through my head last night. The lyrics are a  little sad, but beautiful and the melody is so relaxing.  I think you will enjoy it, too.

I confess that I mailed my son his birthday card and it arrived on his birthday...at home.  I forgot to add postage, but he did get these nice treats!

What do YOU confess?

Monday, March 7, 2016

Currently March


Wishing:  I would stop breaking out in hives!!!  I have broken out every single day for 3 weeks now.  I'm so over it.  I'm asking my allergist for a steroid shot.

Craving and Sharing:  What else?  Wine of course!  I love wine!  It is a regular staple in my house, which you should know by now.  If you are craving wine, then you should take advantage of a free bottle compliments of me...I love my monthly subscription to Club W and I know you will, too.  Enjoy one month or more...it's up to you.  Cancel anytime.  Check it out and see how much you love it! Click here to access link. https://plus.google.com/115166300750359886097/posts/26PNyjPgm9h

Did you catch my virtual wine party with my friend, Michelle?  Check it out here.

Wearing:  The lovely scent of Pleasures by Estee Lauder, my signature scent for almost 22 years.

Purchasing:  Gifts for my boys!  Their birthday is March 9th!  I can't wait to surprise them!

Cooking: Quiche…you want some?  J

Collecting:  Water for Flint, Michigan.  I spoke about it in my last Thank You Notes.  

So, what are you currently up to?  Please share with me below. 
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Saturday, March 5, 2016

My Sunday Photo: Spring is Near

I love the way my house is positioned.  I can see the sun rising from my front door and the sunset from the rear.  You should notice the pattern in many of my photos featuring the sky.  This is another set taken this week as we welcomed in March.  It was such a refreshing sight to see and truly a sign that Spring is near.  No editing involved.  Just the morning sky in it's pure essence.

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Wino Wednesday: Josh Cellars 2014 Cabernet Sauvignon

My dear friend Michelle, of Grammie Time, approached me with a wonderful idea to add a little twist to our usual Wino Wednesday postings.   Each month we link up with Amanda and Lindsay to share our review of a wine we have recently purchased and partook in.  This month, Michelle and I will be trying something new…together…  somewhat of a virtual wine tasting party.

Michelle selected the wine and I marched right over to the closest store to find it.  And there it was…feeling so privileged to have been chosen.  J

This week, we enjoyed the flavors of Josh Cellars Cabernet Sauvignon and I must say it was indeed a great choice.   I love the story behind this collection of wine.  Joseph Carr named it after his father, Josh, but there is even more of a story behind the name.  Watch this video to learn more. 

 The aroma was very complex, but I could smell a mixture of berries, some oak, and spices.  First taste was a nice, juicy blend of fruits and some tannins.  I had it with the stuffed pork chops I mentioned in an earlier post and some chocolate brownies and it was an excellent pairing.  It was the perfect wine to relax with after a long day.  Reasonably priced at about $13 a bottle, you should definitely consider this one for your next dinner party.

Winemaker’s Notes:
93% Cabernet Sauvignon, 5% Merlot and 2% Petite Verdot

The bouquet is rich with dark fruits, cinnamon, clove and toasty oak flavors. The wine is juicy on the palate with blackcurrant and blackberry flavors prominent, accented by roasted almonds, vanilla and hazelnuts, finishing long with fine, firm tannins.

The complex flavor of this wine complements just about any well-seasoned meat such as beef, pork, or lamb, followed by an indulgent dessert or espresso.

Well, Michelle…Cheers to a great wine tasting! I loved the selection and look forward to our next one.  So, these are my thoughts, what are yours

 If you would like to find some new wine buddies, click the button below and join us!  

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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

February Via Instagram

February was all about celebrating.  Celebrating my career, my family, and fun!  I hope you enjoy.

National School Counseling Week:

Some healthy snacking:

Wine for various occasions like Superbowl Sunday:
A photo posted by sunshineandelephants (@sunshine.and.elephants) on

...The Bachelor:

A photo posted by sunshineandelephants (@sunshine.and.elephants) on

...#TGIT Thursday line up from Shonda Rhimes...Grey's Anatomy, Scandal, and How To Get Away With Murder!

...and of course, National Drink Wine Day:

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But there's nothing like the love of family!

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So how was your February?  I would love for you to share!