Sunday, March 20, 2016

Currently March Vol. 2


Welcoming: Spring...Spring is here!  I  am looking forward to the warm weather, the beautiful flowers, and festivals galore.  Not quite sure what's going on at the present, cause our temperatures have taken a slight dip.  Today's high was only in the 60s, it was raining, and chilly.  Tomorrow is expected to be the same, minus the rain.

Hosting:  A giveaway!  Its spring and what better way to welcome it then by giving away a few gifts to my awesome followers.  Have you entered? Then what are you waiting for!  Click the photo below to get to the post and enter.  ***Update:  Giveaway has ended. ***

Attending:  Charleston Fashion Week!  I could only make it one night, but what a night of fun it was! It was my cousin's second year modeling and she was able to book 10 events!  So proud of her and wishing her much success in the future.  

Check out this video from the Lilly Pulitzer collection during the Belk runway show.  

Celebrating:  My boys' birthday. I was only able to spend time with one that day, the other was still away at college. They turned 22 and I couldn't be more happier or proud of the the men they are becoming.  Love you guys!  

Eating:  This delicious Chop Salad at Fish.  It's ingredients include romaine, bacon, cashews, dried fruits, rice croutons, and boursin cheese vinaigrette.   When I say delicious, I mean DELICIOUS!  

What are you currently up to?  
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