Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Currently March Vol. 3


Enjoying:  Our faculty Easter egg hunt!  The social committee put together a surprise hunt and sent out this email:

Teachers and staff, get hoppin’! Keep your ears peeled for numbered, paper eggs “hidden” around the building. The paper eggs can be found in any office areas, teacher work rooms, and teacher restrooms. Once found, please bring a single paper egg to the media center to be exchanged for the real deal J

Stuffed eggs contain chocolate and/or free jeans day, early out day, 50 cents toward the snack or soda of your choice, and, of course, the GOLDEN EGG which contains a crisp $20 bill.

Happy Spring Break! 

When I got to work the next day, I kept thinking they were going to hide mini, plastic eggs, but they hid handmade ones all around the school in some creative places.  We had a lot of fun and the prizes were great! See if you can find the one's hidden in these pictures.

Field Tripping: to Kiawah Island to expose students with an interest in the Architecture and Construction career cluster to the works of a local architect.  Let's just say we were all amazed at the beauty he created.

Starting:  Spring Break off with a bang!  Had dinner with a friend and she cooked up a delicious cajun, chicken casserole with an encrusted doritos chip topping.  I've got to get the recipe.  So far, I've  also enjoyed bottomless mimosas, and a great brunch at Bonefish Grill for Easter.

Notice the Funk Zone wine from Club W.  Love the bottle and the wine!

Receiving:  My Cozy Collection from Starbucks.  I was so hoping to get this back in February when it was nice and cold outside.  Love it's contents:  a nice, soft plaid throw blanket.  A nice official, ceramic mug.  Some shortbread cookies, marshmallows and some hot cocoa to indulge in.  It was a rainy Easter weekend, which cooled down the temperatures nicely, so I was able to try the hot cocoa and enjoy!

Celebrating:  Resurrection Day.  Our church service was very nice and the singing was spectacular as always.  I didn't think to grab a pic of my son before he took off his suit...bummer.  So, we snapped this one after we got home from brunch.  It'll suffice.

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