Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Confession Session

I confess that I got the idea for this post from my blogging friend Mia at The Chronicles of Chaos .

I confess that I began writing it at 2:53 am when I couldn't sleep.

I confess that I have broken out in some ugly looking hives this time and I've been itching like crazy and want to get that painfully shot of meds in my butt to make it all better. Sorry, not sorry.

I confess that I've become somewhat of a procrastinator with things in my personal life.  Work rules. 

I confess that gets lonely living in this big house all alone.  

I confess that I began writing this post about 5 weeks ago.

I confess that this is my second time trying to finish this post that I began 5 weeks ago.

I confess that I have all sorts of great post ideas floating around in my head, but just can't find the time to write them.

I confess that I bought diet coke only for the cute bottles.  I have ideas for them, though.

I confess that I wanted to host a giveaway this week, but again haven't had time to organize a post.

I confess that I will get the giveaway post up and running by the weekend because I've already purchased the items I wish to give away.

I confess that Usher keeps running through my head as I'm writing this. 
I confess that lately I've been loving the sounds of James Bay.  His song, Let It Go kept flowing through my head last night. The lyrics are a  little sad, but beautiful and the melody is so relaxing.  I think you will enjoy it, too.

I confess that I mailed my son his birthday card and it arrived on his home.  I forgot to add postage, but he did get these nice treats!

What do YOU confess?