Thursday, April 2, 2015

Gluttony: Guilty As Charged

Oh my gosh, the minute I read this week's Write or Die (#WODW) prompt,  I instantly thought of my obsession with food. My deadly sin is Gluttony! I love to eat, but who doesn't?  Eating is a way of life. Everywhere we go there is food.  When I see delicious food I can't help but think about how good it will taste... ummhhh (Laughing as I write this).  There are  commercials and shows that showcase various culinary experiences from around the world.  Reality TV have people competing to become the top chef.  And to top it all off, I live in an area where there is a smorgasbord of delectable cuisines.  Charleston, South Carolina is a food lover's paradise. There are endless possibilities for you to choose from.  Now I'm not going to add to your gluttonous sin, by sharing what you can experience.  You will just have to visit and find out for yourself.

There are times when people overindulge and I guess I kind of fit into that category.  Am I blaming where I live for my behavior? Of course not.  I know we all must practice self control when dealing with anything in life.  I am a plus-sized woman and for the most part, a healthy one. I could stand to lose a few pounds and that I am working on.  I know  I need to cut back on my eating or caloric intake, but sometimes it's just hard to do. There's no fun in counting calories. Don't you agree?

 What many people don't know is that I have a health condition that somewhat limits my ability to exercise as I would like.  At one point in time, I was instructed by my physicians to not do any exercise at all.  I am going through physical therapy to deal with my condition and it has improved, but it is a lifelong condition.  When I was first given the ok to begin exercising again, I was still a little hesitant because of the pain I experienced prior to being diagnosed.  There are certain exercises that are still recommended that I not partake in.  I am trying new things and I am slowly learning to trust my body again.  

Eating for me is a social event; I often gather with family and friends.  We laugh, we talk, we eat, we love.  Is this really such a bad thing?   Maybe gluttony will always be a part of my life.  In the meantime, I eat and I enjoy what the world has to offer.  

Are you a glutton like me?  Which deadly sin do you possess?  

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

My Spring Bucket List

Spring is upon us and the weather is...well... it’s kinda bipolar! (crazy face) Nevertheless, my favorite season is here!  I love spring for its freshness and renewal.  The birds are chirping, children are out playing, and flowers are blooming.  Speaking of flowers...the only thing I don't like about spring is the POLLEN!!!  Now, I understand that the pollination is necessary for the fertilization of seeds to create more flower-bearing plants, but man its heavy.  My car has changed colors about 3 times in the last 2 weeks.  :)  My allergies have been at bay since I've began a good allergy treatment regimen.  For the most part, the weather has been Beautiful and I can't wait to get out and frolic in it.

This is what led me to writing this post.  I have so much I would like to do and decided to share it with you.  This spring, I pledge to get out more after being cooped up all winter due to the cold weather.  Some of the things I'd like to achieve are below.

1) Get up and get going.  I have to make a pact with myself to get up and get moving on Saturday mornings. I have a tendency to lag around doing aimless things when I need to be getting out of the house and enjoying the sunshine. 

I can't believe I'm actually sharing this pic.

2) Attend 2nd Sunday on King. This event has taking place for at least 5 years now in Charleston. In the past, I would simply forget it was occurring until late afternoon when it was no longer worthwhile for me to go.  Other times, I would be out of town or have other things planned where I couldn't attend.  I'm making it my duty to attend this upcoming one in April or May. It is a time of food, laughter, and fun.  The historic shopping district is shut down from traffic to allow people to participate in an afternoon of festivities.  Restaurants bring their tables to the street, vendors are set up selling various items, and a good time is had by least that's what I've been told.  For more information about what takes place, check out this YouTube video.

3) Begin yoga classes.  I was invited, by some coworkers, to attend a yoga class this weekend and I have decided to attend.  I'm a little nervous because this is something new for me, but excited just the same.  Plus I have to super, cool yoga mat to try out!  Pray for me.  I'm hoping the instructor will have a routine for beginners.

4) Fly a kite.  I can't remember the last time I flew a kite.  Now that my kids are "grown" years have passed since I've enjoyed this fun activity.  Well, by golly I'm gonna get out there and fly me a kite this year.  It's an activity I used to love and I'm always fascinated by the various kites that are displayed each year. 

5) Go to a local Farmer's Market.  Why haven't I done this yet?  Nobody knows.  

6) Take a walk on the beach.  Is this really a bucket list item?  No, not really...I go each year.  How can I not when there are several surrounding me?  Have you visited the beaches of Charleston, SC?  If you haven't, you should.  You would be pleasantly surprised.  Hey, maybe I'll fly that kite at the beach!

7) Practice more R.A.K.  While I'm out frolicking around town, I will continue my resolution of spreading more happiness by practicing more random acts of kindness.  While I'm downtown, I'll add a few coins to meters that are about to become expired.  Maybe I'll pay for someone else's lunch.  The possibilities to be kind are endless. You should give it a try. 

8)  Attend Flowertown Festival.  This is another event I haven't been to since my boys were younger.  Its going on this weekend so I guess I need to get there tomorrow before it ends.  

What are you up to this spring? Do u have a bucket list of activities you wish to fulfill?  Tell me about them.