Saturday, October 31, 2015

Simple Me ~ October

This Friday is the first Friday of the Simple Me link up hosted by Liz of Sundays With Sophie.  Its a monthly link up happening the last Friday of each month.  Liz will prompt us with a set of questions each month, just as a way of getting to know each other better.  I thought this was a cute idea and decided to join in on the fun.  This month's topic is all about our states and I hail from the great state of South Carolina

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I've lived in ___ state(s) {number of states}
For the majority of my life, I have lived in South Carolina.  I did live in Maryland for a short period of time when I made my first attempted at grad school.   For South Carolina, I have lived in the Midlands, the Upstate, and now reside in the Lowcountry so I have covered all regions.

My favorite state is __?
What else, but South Carolina!  We are close to the mountains and surrounded by water on the coast. For the most part, the weather is nice, but our summers do get hot.  Other states that I enjoy visiting are Wisconsin, North Carolina, Georgia, and Florida.  One day I would like to visit the West coast.

Why do you live in the state you currently live in?
South Carolina is where I was born and raised.  Its my home and most of my family lives here.  I am a family oriented person and love the connection we have with each other.  I do have family and friends in the other states I mentioned and visit them when I can.  I love the warmer weather of South Carolina and that allows us to enjoy the outdoors more and there is a lot to explore here.

Would you like to move to another state?
If I were to move to another state, it would probably be North Carolina.  I know you are probably laughing, but again it will keep me close to family and friends and the weather is very nice.  I don't think I could handle big cities now that I'm older.  When I was younger, I said I wanted to live in Atlanta, so Georgia would be an option as well.

What is your state known for?
Smiling faces and beautiful places!  South Carolina is known as the Palmetto State with the Carolina Wren as our state bird.  We are also known for our college sports.  I'm sure you've heard of Clemson and USC...University Of South Carolina that is! I attended Winthrop University and South Carolina State University.  We are especially known for our beautiful beaches and history galore.  The state has been on the news so much this summer that I almost feel like I shouldn't mention it here.  This summer, we made history with the removal of the Confederate flag from the State house.  We also made history with the horrible incident of domestic terrorism that took place in Charleston.  Recently, we were on the news due to the torrential flooding that devastated the state.

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Well, I hope you enjoyed learning a little bit more about me and my fine state.  Join me again next month and be sure to link up.

What state are you from?  What is your state known for?  
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