Friday, December 25, 2015

Currently December


Wishing:  Everyone a happy holiday season.  This is the season for giving, and spending time with family.  For some, this is a time of sadness.  Here's hoping everyone is having a good one. 

Remembering:  My boys when they were little.  I recently came across some pictures of them when they were toddlers and oh the memories began to flow..  They were the cutest little things and I really miss that stage in their lives.

DecoratingI waited till the last minute to get a tree this year.  The big, pretty ones were all gone when I got there, but I picked out this little cutie and gave her a home.  The boys and I always decorate the tree together so she had to sit under the garage a few days until they arrived home from college.  Nothing beats a real tree for Christmas.

Sending: Out my Christmas cards.  I couldn't find a decent picture of the boys and I this year, so I opted to just order regular Christmas cards.  I have to make sure to take more pictures of myself with the boys this year. Even if it drives them crazy.  

Celebrating: Time with family and friends.  Christmas vaca is in full effect!

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