Saturday, December 5, 2015

The Voice - My Favorite Quotes

Do you watch The Voice?  If you don't, you should.  It is a show where contestants as young as their teens come on and showcase their voice for a chance at stardom.  The judges or coaches for this show, do not see the performances.  They are in a chair that turns around only when they hit their buzzer for the contestant to be chosen for their team.  This gives each contestant a fair chance to be judged only on their talent...their voice.  Hence the name of the show.  To find out more about the show you can read about it here.

I have watched every season of the voice and I love the whole concept behind the show and the idea of each contestant being mentored throughout the entire process.  The coaches are phenomenal.  Since the show aired, two have stayed consistent... Adam Levine, lead singer of  Maroon 5, and country singer Blake Shelton.  The other two spots for coaches have revolved over the years.  Christina Aguilera began the show with Cee lo Green.  Then Usher and Shakira, Gwen Steffani and Pharrell have interchanged a couple of times with Gwen and Pharrell being the current coaches along side Adam and Blake this season.

I want to share with you the unique things some of the judges say.

 Pharrell is such a powerhouse of a producer and I just love him and all his creativeness.  Here are a few of his quotes:

Madi is a beautiful, 16-year old harmonious Pharrell
Jump out the window with me, you're not going to fall...Pharrell speaking to Ivonne to get her to open up more during practice.

Some other unique quotes, from the coaches, throughout the length of the show follow.

Adam about Braiden's performance...the youngest in the competition at age 15..."It was like at that moment a rainbow came shooting out."

The harmony was like candy in my ears."  Gwen Stefani speaking of the battle between Chance and the duo Andi and Alex.

"I could listen to both of you all day long.  You're so delicious." Gwen speaking of the battle between Madi and Amy.

"Jordan, you are a freak of nature..." Gwen

"Jordan, we refer to your affectionately as the unicorn, because I think it is a profound experience for someone to hear you sing."  Adam

"This kid can do anything..." Blake of Braiden Sunshine.

"You took a risk, and did something bold...I want that version of that song in my life...You should be so proud of the artistry involved in that." Adam to Amy Vachal.

"You're treating this like its your stage and it is every time you get on it..." Blake to Emily Ann Roberts.

"Your spirit is just so big and beautiful and honest..." Gwen to Mark.

"Mark did his thing.  He's a storyteller when he sings." Farrell

"Keep thinking that you're not cool, because that is what's so cool about you.  The fact that you are so unassuming about nailed it!" Blake to  Korin Bukowski

"Sometimes there's so much about the world that can be so confusing and so sad, and then you come along and make us all feel like there's a lot of hope.  Thank you Jordan."  Adam to Jordan Smith

I hope now you can see why I am such a fan of the coaches on the show.  If I had people in my corner, speaking positive about me, and guiding me along the way...I know that what ever I'm setting myself up to do is going to be fine.  The encouragement of these artist is phenomenal and it needs to be acknowledged.  So if you enjoy good music and wish to have your spirit lifted, then take a look at The won't be disappointed! 

What's your favorite reality TV show and why?