Friday, August 14, 2015

July Via Instagram

For me, summer has come to an end.  This is my last weekend before I am completely consumed with work.  On Monday, the doors will open to close to 1000 middle school students.  Before they take over my life, take a look at how I spent my last month of summer.   

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1. What's summer without a beach trip.  Spending time with friends at Kiawah Island.
2.  This lovely couple are coworkers of mine that tied the knot early in July.
3.  Reggae Nights at James Island County Park.
4.  A great wine recommendation from World Market.  Sweet Shiraz made in South Africa.
5. With happiness there is sadness.  Laying to rest a friend's mom, but knowing she's in a better place.
6.  Christmas in July gift swap.  Read about it all here and here.
7.  Nothing like a Girl's Night In to cleanse the soul.  Facials, feet soak, good food and drinks. 
8.  That wedding was so nice, I had to rep it twice!  I work with a great group of people!
9.  I will miss this young lady as she ventures to new horizons.  From teacher to ITS, to Operations Manager at a coding school.  She also helped me to develop a taste for beer.  Go figure! J

What have you been up to this summer?  I would love to hear!