Monday, August 31, 2015

The Angel Oak Tree

This weekend, I visited The Angel Oak Tree of Johns Island, SC.  I've driven passed it many times on my path to other adventures.  So glad I decided to stop to view it.  The structure of this massive tree is extremely unique.  Its limbs look almost human-like.  It's long phalanges looking limbs stretched out, reaching, beckoning me to climb it.  Of course that is forbidden.   Every inch and angular turn of its body tells a story and I can only imagine the secrets it holds.  Although there were several people visiting, it was very quiet and serene.  Everyone was taking in its majestic wisdom and giving it the respect it demanded.  The atmosphere captivated me and I had this sense of peace that I simple can't explain.  It was as if the tree enraptured my soul and took me to a peaceful, euphoric state of being.  It was breathtakingly beautiful!

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