Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Currently September


Hi everyone and Hello September!  It's back to work time for me and I've been extremely busy.  Being a school counselor is no joke.  I'm hoping that my blogging will not have to take a back seat.    

At the first of the month, I follow the prompts of Anne and Jenna  and I'm so glad you are joining me to see what I am currently up to.

Reading:  If this were not a prompt, I wouldn't have it here.  I wanted to say...You would be so proud of me, but unfortunately that is not the case.  I have stated many times that I never seem to have time for reading, and things don't seem to be changing.  I am going to make a conscious effort to pick up a book and read it.  However, I have been reading many blog posts on the internet and magazines.

Making: Wine!  Well sort of.  At least that's what I had plan to do. This past weekend some friends and I attempted to attend the annual Grape Stomping Festival at Irvin-House Vineyards.  Due to the overwhelming response, the fire marshall halted traffic and wouldn't allow anyone else in.  They had reached maximum capacity which has never happened.  Needless to say, we weren't very happy.  A couple of friends made it in and sent us pictures as we waited at the entrance.  How fun...NOT!  

Pinning:  I am constantly pinning items that relate to the counseling profession.  Check out my Counseling Anyone board for more details. You won't be disappointed!  

Anticipating: Another great year of blogging.  I am celebrating my 1st Blogiversary and I'm hosting a giveaway.  You should go check it out here.  (Update...giveaway has ended, but you can still check out the post!)

Loving:  My Amazon Fire TV Stick that I purchased on Prime Day (July 15).  I am able to catch up on movies and utilize my subscription to Netflix.

What are you currently up to?  
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