Monday, September 14, 2015

This Summer I...

Now that school has begun, I'm starting to run low on ideas for future blog post.  I ran across Coffee Chat with Rory Bore from one of the many linkys I link up with and decided to join in on the fun!  This week's prompt is 'This Summer I...' so backtrack with me on my summer journey.

This Summer I...

*Sent my son off to NYC to venture through the city on his own.  He had a great summer interning with VH1 Save The Music.

*Attended the wedding of two close friends/coworkers.  A treat for all that attended.

*Traveled the country road.

*Witnessed my little town make Guinness Book history for having the World's Largest Cup of Sweet Tea.  Rain didn't keep us from reaching our goal. I claim Charleston, but my address says Summerville. (a suburb of Charleston)  You can view the news coverage of it here.

*Discovered a liking for beer.  Something I never imagined.  Except for Corona in my margarita!  ;)

*Connected with many more bloggers and made new friends.

*Mourned the lost of my best friend's mom who was also like a mother to me.

*Experienced domestic terrorism and on the flip-side, a unified and loving response to it. #CharlestonStrong

*I celebrated my birthday and my 1st Blogiversary.

*I really enjoyed myself! :)

How was your summer?  What interesting things did you do?

 Coffee Chat

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