Saturday, July 25, 2015

Christmas In July Reveal

I never thought I'd be celebrating Christmas in July.  This is something new to me, other than the  car commercials that try to entice you to purchase a car during the summer.

I have recently participated in two different swaps.  One was hosted by a blogger on Instagram.  The other was the #SunshineBoxSwap hosted by Dean and Abby.  You may remember reading about the reveal here.

My blogging buddy, Mary, of I Need a Playdate became interested after reading about our #SunshineBoxSwap and she decided to host a Christmas in July Swap.  What's unique about it is we will be gifting our person with items from the area in which we live.  As soon as I saw that, I knew exactly what I wanted to get.  I live in Charleston, SC so you can imagine the items I gifted my pal with.  I would love to share, but I'll let her speak about it herself.

I was the "Secret Santa" to Kristen of Ready Set Parenthood!   She and her husband take you through their journey of parenthood one step at a time.  From her blog, I learned that she is an educator like me.  Kristen I hope you liked your box of goodies and it has been great getting to know you through your blog.

Now, on to my Secret Santa!  Guess who I was so lucky to have?!?!  Mary, of I Need A Playdate, who is also the host of this swap!!   Here are the wonderful goodies she gifted me with! 

 Savory treats to satisfy my palette. Wholesome handmades to make my skin feel like butter.  A momentum to add to my collection, and photo stock so I can make my own creations!

 I can begin my morning with some delicious green tea and end the evening with some flavored popcorn and ice cream covered with this delicious fudge sauce. 

Then get ready for bed by showering with my handmade soap.  I better be careful not to overindulge, because this one is made with Gold Lager.    :) 

  I love taking pictures! Now I can share the moments and say hello with my own photo card stock!

And this cup fits nicely with other items people have given me. 

Thanks, Mary, for being such an AWESOME Secret Santa 
and for sharing  a little piece of Cleveland with me!