Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Things That Make Me Uncomfortable

Uhhh, Hello (hesitantly pausing)... I'm Lowanda...and I'm a little uncomfortable about writing this post...Just kidding!  I feel like I'm about to do open mic at a coffee house or something.  So that's how I would like for you to picture this.  I have a few things to brush off my shoulders tonight and without further adieu, here we go...

Number one: I'm not fully comfortable speaking in front of crowds. Hence the hesitation at the beginning of my presentation.  

Number two:  I'm uncomfortable when people are one sided with their opinions. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but you should be open to hearing (and at least attempting to understand) the opinions of others without placing judgment.

Number three:  I am not comfortable around negative people. I hate it when people are always negative or complaining about something. I try to look for happiness and joy in everything I do and then someone comes along and says something negative. All I can do most times is keep quiet. Although, at times when people are negative, I'll comment about their statement...in a positive manner.  

If they continue to be negative then I just sigh and change the subject or tell them I'll see you later.  Hate to say it, but all too often this happens almost daily at work.  If Negative Nelly is walking my way, I pick up my speed a bit and give them a polite hello and keep on trucking.  Ain't Nobody Got Time For That!!

Number four:  I'm uncomfortable when I go to an event alone and don't know anyone there.  For instance, last year I was so excited about Bloggy Boot Camp until the actual week arrived.   

Then it hit me that I was going alone. 
 Oh my, What was I thinking?!?!
It turned out to be an awesome event!

Number five: Sometimes I'm uncomfortable when I'm the only educator in the room of techie people, engineers, or other well established professions.  I don't feel I have much to offer to the conversation.  This is a true statement people and it is something I am working on personally.  I revealed this to a few of my friends and they were shocked.  Remember my first post of the year about opening up and trusting more?  That was one of the things I was more open about among many others.    

Number six:  I'm uncomfortable with people who hold senseless grudges.  Grow up people! 

Last and certainly not least...

Number seven:  I'm uncomfortable around people who discriminate! It really gets under my skin and this can fall into a variety of categories. One Love People!!!! Enough said...

Drops the mic and exits the stage...  

What make you uncomfortable? Do we share any discomforts?  I would love to hear. 

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