Saturday, July 11, 2015

Girls Night In: Spa Style

What started out as a little night of spa treatment fun, turned into animal house...Girl Style!  We all gathered at one of our favorite resting spots to get ready for a night of pampering.  Our gracious host whipped up some great dishes.  So great, I totally forgot to snap pics of them.  (Really hate that) They would have made your mouth drool.  I'm just realizing that I didn't get those darn shots as I'm writing this.  Ugghh...Anyway, we had more than enough food to feed the masses and great drinks to wash them all down with.  

Of course this is one of those "try to sell you something" hosted parties and I will not share the name of the company.  I'm so glad the representative was pretty laid back, but hosting a room filled  mostly of educators can turn out to be more than  expected.  Sometimes we make the worst students, which became noticeable after the rep snapped to get out attention ...a few times.  Lol, she's an educator as well so she used her management skills on us and she was good!  :)  Here are a few pics of our night.  

Hope you enjoyed!  Do you and your friends get together for girl night?  What do you do when you get together?

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