Sunday, February 14, 2016

Random Sparks and A Boredom Buster

This is not my typical type of post, but recently I have had many activities that have sent me down memory lane during different stages in my life.  I mentioned in a recent Currently post how preparing a treat for my team of teachers triggered a memory I shared with my mom when I was a little girl.

While on holiday break, I did some serious cleaning and came across photos of my boys that triggered memories of their youth.  I wrote about it in a holiday edition of Currently.

While preparing a monthly Simply Me post, I reminisced about a holiday tradition from my past.

I don't know if my strong commitment to cleansing out the negative energy that had encompassed my life prevented me from remembering the past, but I was ecstatic to have these memories surface.

Lately, I've come across several boredom buster posts explaining how to pretty much maintain your sanity when you're stuck in the house with little ones.  As I was reading a similar post today,  I began to relate the activities listed to ones I did with my boys when they were little.  As I was typing a comment, a fun memory was ignited.  When the boys were five, we had to evacuate the area due to an impending hurricane.  We stayed at my parents home since they lived farther away from the danger zone.  While we were there, we were still  trapped in due to heavy rain.  After playing our usual games and toys for some time, boredom began to set in.

Out of the blue, I made up a game called What's Missing?... my homemade version of a memory game.   I gathered random items in the room and place them under a blanket.  The boys were given a few minutes to study every item placed under the blanket before covering them.   I explained to them that they would have to guess which item I removed from the rest (hence the name).  It's a made up memory game that anyone can enjoy.  I would grab items like a small stuffed animal, keys, legos and other small toys, a cell phone, pen, pencil, makeup, brush, comb, any reasonable sized item you can get your hands on.  I wouldn't go over 10 items so their little brains don't get too stressed. We each took turns being the caller so it made it fun for all involved.  We played this game for hours and it became a regular boredom buster in our home.  

Have you encounter a trigger that sparked a memory from your past?  Do you have fun boredom busters to share?  I would love to hear about them in the comments section below.

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