Saturday, February 13, 2016

Sixteen In 2016

It's been awhile since I created a bucket list, so I thought it would be fun to put together a list of items I would like to tackle in 2016.

1.  Visit a place I've never been before.  I love to travel and wish I had the money to travel any time I choose.  But let's be realistic, I'm an educator, so I have to budget.

2.  Attend a cooking class.  There's a place called Charleston Cooks in the downtown area that I really want to attend.  I had tried to make plans to attend this past summer for my birthday, but didn't get the respond I needed from my friends to make reservations.  When I finally decided to go at it alone, the class was booked.  Well, I'll be going this year even if I have to go alone.

3.  Try a new hairstyle.  Not sure what to do at this time, but my hair is growing and I'm stuck in one style right now.  I feel my look is so blah, blah, blah and can't wait until it grows out more so I can create more variety with my looks.

4.  Exercise more.  I haven't been putting my health in the forefront and I need to.  I plan to do better this year.

5.  Visit a new winery.  I'm hoping to be able to venture to a few in North Carolina.  One day, I hope to go to Sonoma Valley.

6.  Host a giveaway.  I hosted one last year for my one year blogiversary and really enjoyed it.  So, why not host another!  :)

7.  Attend a concert.  Sad to say that it's been a long time, but I would like to attend the concert of one of my favorite artist.  Who you may ask?  Time will tell.

8.  Get a massage.  A woman can enjoy herself, right?

9.  Go cruising.  My bags are already packed...mentally that is!  I will be going on a cruise this summer with some friends.  I can't wait!

10.  Swim in unfamiliar waters.  I think this one can be taken care of when I go on my cruise.

11.  Read a book.  If you've been following me, you will see that I have had some trouble in this department.  I will not let 2016 end without having a book read.  Do children's hardbacks suffice?

12.  Attend the graduation of my sons.  I guess this can only happen if they continue to stay on track.  If it's in God's plans, they will both graduate from their respective colleges in December 2016.  Now let's just hope their ceremonies are not on the same day.

13.  Fly a kite.  Remember my Spring Bucket List?  Well I'm going to make it happen this year.

14.  Host a linkup party!  I don't think I would have time to do a weekly link party, but more on the lines of a one month themed linkup or a box swap linkup.  So looking forward to doing this!

15.  Give my blog a face lift.  I'm considering a few things with this one.  I love the colorful background I currently have, but it doesn't fit every post that I write.  I feel that I need to make a few changes to get my blog to a more productive state.  I also need to develop a plan to increase traffic to my blog.

16.  Finding more things to do.  It took me a couple of weeks to put this post together.  I really need to venture out to see what else there is for me to tackle in the world.

So what big ideas do you have planned for 2016?  Have you created a bucket list?
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