Thursday, January 21, 2016

Currently January Vol. 2

Monday was set aside in observance for Dr. Martin Luther King's birthday.  As an educator, it was a school holiday which means a day off from work.  I didn't plan any special activities and after viewing the news, I realized I missed the annual parade.  I will have to check it out next year because it looked really entertaining.

I did have a few errands to run which kept me occupied all day.  It was pretty busy and I thought I'd share it with you.


Stocking Up:  I made a trip to Sam's Club and stocked up on some goodies.  Sam's offers a lot for a little.  I love to get my toiletries from there because they last for months.  Who likes running to the store every week or two just to buy toilet paper?  As you can see, I picked up some yummy goodies as well.

Shopping:  I hit up one of my favorite stores...Marshalls!  I went in to look for a gift for a friend and walked out with three shirts for myself.  Got a great deal also.

Getting Pampered:  Decided to get my nails done.  Enjoying the massage chair while my feet soaked.

Watching:  Well, The Bachelor, of course!  Are you not watching Ben with all his gorgeousness?!?!  If I was young and single, wait...I am single, just not young.  Lol, if I was young I would be trying to grab his attention, too.  Just not on a show like this.  Too much drama when this amount of girls are involved.  But that's what keeps everyone watching, I guess.

Tasting:  Some truly, delicious wine!  Last weekend, I took my son back to Winthrop and we went shopping at...where else...Sam's!  :)  As we were stocking up on food for him and his roommate, I spotted this beautiful bottle.

 I felt tonight would be a good night to enjoy it as I watched all the juicy drama of The Bachelor.  In the voice of Chef Emeril...BAM!!! It had me at the first taste. The flavors really tantalized my senses.  This is all I'm going to share for now, but I'll be writing about it in my February Wino Wednesday post.  So be sure to check back.

Eating:  Some really really good seafood lasagna.  It is muy delicioso!  You should try it. 

If you hadn't noticed, everything mentioned above happened in one day.  I do have one more thing to share and this is from Tuesday.

Surprising:  I've been waiting for the best day to do this and today was the day.  It was cold enough for me to surprise my team of teachers with some hot cocoa.  Nothing major.  Just some cocoa with marshmallows.  And, speaking of marshmallows...when I opened the bag and popped one in my mouth, I instantly had a flashback to when I was younger.  I used to love marshmallows and my mom used to buy them for me all the time.  The memory of me eating them as a child was so vivid, I had to call my mom and share it with her.  I totally forgot how much I used to eat marshmallows as I have so many things from my past.  Its funny how such a little thing triggered such a special memory.  Love it!  :)