Monday, January 11, 2016

Currently January


Replying: I'm finally catching up on all the great comments that people have posted on my blog.  Thank you so much for stopping by and paying me a visit and for taking the time to say hello.

Thinking:  Of how I'm going to miss my boys now that they are returning to school.  We had a great 3 weeks together and I really didn't want it to end.

Recuperating:  From my first week back at work from the break.  We are in the mist of registering 8th graders for high school and I have been meeting with parents all week.  Talk about emotional fatigue.

Trying:  A new wine that came at the recommendation of a friend.  Michelle posted about it here and I can't wait to let you know what I think.

Focusing:  My word for the year...FOCUS. You can read more about it here.  I must say my first week of the New Year is going well and focusing as not been an issue.  I'm paying close attention to details and not allowing myself to get off task.

Hope your week is going well.  What are you currently up to?
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