Monday, June 15, 2015


The idea of a secret exchange has always been appealing to me. Giving and receiving gifts... Who wouldn't love that! The minute I read that Mrs. AOK and Abby were hosting this sunshine box swap, I immediately jumped on it. I participate yearly with our secret pal exchange at work, so I know how well this works.

 Before I even received an email explaining who I would be shopping for...or who's day I would be brightening, I began searching Pinterest for various ideas that could be used in the swap. I took those ideas along with a few of my own and began shopping.  Since it's called the #sunshineboxswap I decided to look for everything yellow. That wasn't hard to find. In fact, on my first outing, I came across this fabulous bundle of yellow that was just beaming with happiness.  

Now if only I could scoop this baby up and send  Anyway...

As I'm shopping, I'm thinking I've got to make sure it's something that the person would like. I came across various items that I know I would like, and then it hits me...I don't even know who I'm shopping for. So for the remainder of the gifts, I'll just have to wait. 

I began checking my email to see if the person had been revealed... Nothing received...Ughhh...Feelings of distress! Oh well, I just gotta put this baby to the back burner for now.

The waiting game begins...tick-tock tick-tock...come on people where's my email!!! (Just kidding) lol!!!

(Days later) ...What's this?  Could it be....? YES!!! It's the email I've been waiting for...the email revealing the name of my gift recipient.  I began perusing her blog to find more details.  Hummhh, I see she likes this and that and that and this.  Wow, she has a really cool blog as well!  Check out this post on the 100 Good Deeds Bracelet and the story behind it. 

  Now I can get back to shopping.  Can you tell I'm having fun with this? 😃 I now know what to purchase to complete my box.  And here it is...uh uh'll have to find out what she got after she receives it.  So sorry.  Come back next week to find out more, but until then... Hello Sunshine   = )    Doesn't that just brighten your day?  = )

Have you ever participated in a gift exchange?