Sunday, June 28, 2015


I have been saying that I am going to start writing a “Currently” post for months now and never got around to it.  I actually wrote one in my journal about 3 months ago and never put it into my blog.  Looking over it now, some things are still currently happening and some have changed.  I was reading the post by Echo aka TheMad Mommy, and it set me into the mood to go ahead and write one.  So here it goes.


Feeling:  Mixed emotions.  Saddened by all that has happened in Charleston recently.  Mourning the loss of a sister-in-Christ (Reverend DePayne Middleton Doctor); one of the Emanuel 9.  Her voice was like that of an angel.  May you continue to sing in heaven.  Also, feeling hopeful. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.   I truly believe that Charleston is setting an example for the nation.

Reading:  Sad to say, I don't do much reading.  In fact, I haven't done any personal reading in awhile.  I have read articles and postings for educational purposes (school counselor remember), and my daily share of blogs.  I need to get back to reading.  I used to enjoy it.

Watching:  Nothing in particular. Waiting for all of my favs to come back on.  Oh, I am watching The Bachelorette...don't ask. Some of my favs are as follows:  American Crime, The Blacklist, Secrets and Lies, The TGIT line up with Grey's Anatomy, Scandal, and How To Get Away With Murder.  Oh, but I do have a date every Wednesday evening with Shemar Moore of Criminal Minds.  : )

Image from his official Twitter page.

Drinking:  Coffee.  My body seems to rule my head and thinks it is still supposed to wake up around 6 am every morning.  Come on now, it's been over three weeks since I've been on summer vacation and it still isn't cooperating with me.  I can say, it's been nice to take an afternoon nap.  

Eating:  Healthier.  I'm eating more fruits and veggies which really has never been a problem for me.  The end of the school year can be so busy that I don't plan out my meals as I should or go to Chick- fil-A or some other restaurant instead of cooking a complete meal for myself.  Summer is the time for me to cook more and try new recipes.  I've purchased a few meals through Hello Fresh and I am loving the recipes I'm starting to whip up in my kitchen.  I feel like a lil chef cutting up the ingredients and creating such awesome meals that I normally wouldn't create.  It is a subscription service, but you are not obligated to order each week.  If you would like to give it a try and receive $40 off your first box, type in the following and you are on your way... .  You will see a statement in green stating that your coupon has been successfully added.  From there you set up an account and voila, you are on your way to becoming a chef in your own kitchen as well. Trust me you won't regret it.  If you don't think this is right for you, you can cancel after the first box.  So go give it a try!

Developing:  More confidence as a blogger.  I still doubt my writing at times and would love more feedback to ensure I'm doing things right.  But, is there really a right or wrong way to blogging?  Slowly allowing those who really know me into my new adventure/hobby.

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