Friday, November 13, 2015

World Kindness Day

A simple smile.

A simple gesture.

A simple word or two.

It doesn't take much to be kind!

Its World Kindness Day and I'm participating with Dean of Mrs. AOK in her kindness challenge better known as #RandomAOK, which you can learn more about 
here.  Isn't the name a perfect fit?  

Kindness can start anywhere.  Start by sending someone some happy mail.  Who wouldn’t love receiving a little note or gift in the mail?  I know I'm totally excited to see something else in my mailbox other than bills. 

Kindness sometimes is taken for granted. I know that may sound weird, but I work in a middle school and I see how students can take the kindness of others as a weakness.  I hate to bring the tone down a bit, but it needs to be noted.  I am a true supporter of the underdog and believe in bringing out their best by helping them  gain the self-confidence they may be lacking.  Nothing special, but I tend to pay a little bit more attention to the ones that have less to say or nothing at all.  Ellen says it best at the end of every show, "Be kind to one another." Good words to live by.

Kindness is something that comes naturally for me.  I don't necessarily think about it; I just Do IT! I don't look at my actions as acts of kindness, I just see them as opportunities to help others.  For instance, coupons I receive in the mail from some of my favorite stores.  If I can't use them, I'll offer them to a friend.  If I go in the store to find something, but don't see a need...I hand them off to someone waiting in the check-out line.  Try it sometimes.  No one has ever refused.  Waste not want not.

What are some ways you can spread kindness?  Here are a few simple things anyone can do...

* Slip coins in parking meters.  Keep those meter maids at bay.
* Tape some coins on vending machines.
* Say hello to someone as you pass them.  This doesn't cost a thing.  J
* Send someone a handwritten note.
* Pay your neighbor a visit or invite them over for dinner.
* Pay It Forward! This has been done for me a few times and it meant a lot to go through a drive-thru to find that my order had been paid for.
* Buy some balloons and randomly hand them out. 
* Call someone you haven't talked with lately.
* Leave a note and a bottle of water in your mailbox for your mail person.
* Leave positive notes on the lockers of others.  (School Counselor here)
* Remember the elderly.  A simple call may do.
* Offer your umbrella to someone in need.  Yes, I've lost a couple  this way.  But it was worth it.
* Be patient with everything you do.  This can make the difference in your day and the day of others.

* Last but not least...SMILE!  You may be surprised with what you receive in return!  :)


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What are some ways you spread kindness?

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