Friday, November 27, 2015

Simply Me ~ November

It's the last Friday of the month and that means its time for you to learn a little bit more about me through my Simple Me series.  Simple Me is a link up series sponsored by Liz of Sundays with Sophia.  If you would like to join in, feel free to do so.  This month's series of questions all have to deal with firsts

What was the first car you drove?
The first car I drove, I believe was a Datsun.  I don't think they even make them anymore.  When I earned my license as a teen, I drove one of our family cars, which was a white 4-door hatchback Toyota.  My very first car was a light blue, 2 door hatchback Honda.   Loved that car!  

The first dance you went to was?
Dance...Oh, gosh!  I really don't remember this one.  I know we had dances in my elementary school during the school day because I remember competing with a fellow classmate.  I think we had a 5th grade dance, but I'm not too certain about that...I may be thinking about my boys when they were in school.  The first dance I can remember would be my middle school dances.  I can remember on select Friday evenings, finally being able to hang out with my parents were very strict. They would begin around 6 pm and end around 8:30 pm.  I think my parents picked me up at 8 pm because good girls didn't stay out late.  

What about your first job?
My first job was during my senior year of high school when I worked as a co-op for The Family Health Center.  I served as the assistant to the Chief Financial Officer (CFO).  This was an awesome job and the hours were great.  I would work about 3 hours/day Monday - Friday.  Let's don't discuss pay, but it was good for what I needed back then.  I got to know many people in the medical profession by working there and it proved to be very beneficial to my future.

Tell us about the first phone you had?
First landline or cellphone?  Let's do both.  I finally received access to a landline in my own room when I turned 16 years old.  That was a milestone for me.  Being able to talk in the privacy of my own room was AWESOME.  Believe me, there were guidelines and I didn't dare break them.  My first cellphone was actually a bag phone.  Do you guys remember those?  I wish I took a picture of it.  My mom did not believe we should be talking on a phone that worked from sound waves in the air.  She still to this day believes we are putting ourselves at a greater risk to damaging our health.  

What was the first book you read? (an actual chapter book)
Okay, now I'm way to old to remember this one.  I don't remember my first chapter book, but I know I loved Junie B Jones books with Ramona Quimby.  I would have my mom drop me off at the county library on Saturdays just so I could go read as many books as I wanted.  I had books at home, but the library had so much more.  This was a favorite pastime of mine growing up. The librarians knew me well and expected to see me each week.  Now, in the beginning, my mom would go with me  until she felt I was mature enough to stay on my own and trusted the people that worked there. 

I really liked these questions, Liz, because you took me back down memory lane.  Looking forward to even more in the coming months.  

What are some of your first?  Share with me below.
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