Thursday, September 15, 2016

Popcorn + Wine: A Pairing That Pops

Popcorn and wine?  No stranger to me.  See the funny thing is, when the season premiere of Scandal came on in February 2016, I made sure to have the two readily available just as Olivia Pope has in several episodes.

Would I have tried popcorn and wine together prior to this?  Probably not, but ever since Shonda Rhimes created this lustful, drama-filled thriller of a series, everything that Olivia Pope does  becomes a trend.  Hence, the popcorn and wine pairings.

Just recently, I was contacted by the makers of Skinny Pop. When they suggested that I write a post about a pairing, I was instantly intrigued!  Like a true Gladiator, I obliged.


See I'm a lover of popcorn.   I mean who isn't?  And, as my followers, you know how much I love wine!  I'm sure you can remember me posting about it here, here, and oh here!  :)

Skinny Pop allows me to snack without compromising. Under 40 calories a cup.  They have no artificial ingredients, no artificial flavors, it’s a good source of fiber and its simple delicious!  Simple ingredients for purity of tasty!  Speaking of taste, they have 6 delicious flavors to choose from so everyone's taste palate is satisfied.  

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So grab your favorite wine, and a bag of Skinny Pop; the combination is sure to get things POPPING!  Whether you are planning a night in with the girls or a relaxing evening of binge-watching your favorite TV show.  This duo is sure to please. 

To help you out a bit, here's a Skinny Pop infographic, showing which of their flavors pairs best with various flavors of wine.

I was surprised there wasn't a pairing for Rose' and my all-time favorite, Cabernet.   If you're not sure about the pairings, start off with Skinny Pop Original.  I'm sure it will pair well with everything!  Cheers!

Which popcorn and wine pairing would you like to try?