Thursday, September 1, 2016

August Via Instagram

Is it September already?  I can't believe how fast August flew by.  August was a good month for me and I thought it would be great to share!

I was hoping August would bring me joy, and she didn't disappoint!  I wasn't sure what to expect, so I simply asked that she surprise me.

This summer I had an opportunity to try out some Mayfield Ice Cream and what a treat it was.  Influenster sent me 2 coupons to use towards 2 FREE cartons!  My boys and I enjoyed the treat! Are you an Influenster?  If not, you are missing out!  Want to join and get free stuff?  Join here :)

How many of you have a YouTube page and still haven't created your own videos? I was guilty of this until recently.  I decided to record a wine box unveiling and I'm pretty proud of myself.  What do you think? Click this link to view video.

Interested in some free wine?   Join me and you can have fine wine delivered to your doorstep in days!

Happy Birthday to Me!  Happy Birthday to Me! :) :) :)

Mickey Mouse and some ice cream sprinkles helped to make my evening, after a long, HOT day at work, more enjoyable!  Who doesn't love receiving #happymail!  I can't think of anything better than a friend spreading some love and kindness!

Well of course summer couldn't end without a few thunderstorms.  I snapped this picture right as the storm clouds were rolling in to show the split in the sky.  For a slight second, it was clear and sunny in my neighbors' front yard while it was pouring in their back.

Some back to school #goodies I scored at Marshall's. I love the unique items they sell.
I know my student's will be happy to use these!

Sometimes you just need a little wine to take the edge off.
 Wine down Wednesday is always a good time.

I ended the month by celebrating my 2nd Blogiversary!  What an amazing 
24 months it has been. My last post speaks all about it.  Cheers to 2 Years!!! :)

How did you spend your last month of summer?  Was August good to you, as well? 

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