Tuesday, October 7, 2014

I'm Attending My First Bloggers Conference!!!

OMG!!! How can I say this?!?! I'm so excited to announce that I will be attending my first bloggers conference this weekend!!! Bloggy Bootcamp is being sponsored by the SITS girls and it's being held this weekend in Atlanta, GA. Who are the SITS girls? They are a group of AWESOME women who have dedicated their time to help guide us into the world of the infinite wonder. The world of many, many inspirations. The world of the unexpected. They are our voice for blogging. If you need to know anything about blogging, this is the group to follow.

 At the conference, I hope to gain knowledge on how to increase traffic to my site. I also hope to gain the confidence I need as a writer. I am a newbie and so nervous that I am doing this all wrong. I don't have a particular focus, just the random interactions of my day. Is that a bad thing? This is what I hope to learn. 

 I so looking forward to networking. I know this may sound so cliche, but I look forward to meeting new people. I love learning what makes others tick. What makes them who they are. I am excited for the interactions that I will experience this weekend.

 I'm looking forward to the parties. Yes, there will be social parties for us to attend. A kind of meet and greet on Friday and an after-conference social on Saturday evening. I am a social butterfly and I'm ready to spread my wings.  So if you are attending, I can't wait to meet you!  See you on Friday!!