Tuesday, December 23, 2014

My Giveaway Winning Frenzy

I'm always looking for freebies whether its coupons, free samples, and my latest obsession...GIVEAWAYS!!!  The name says it all...someone wanting to GIVE something AWAY. 

Okay, everyone loves a great giveaway, right?  Anything that's free is always a winner.  So, why don't you get out there and give some a try.

 I've entered various types of giveaways recently and I'm starting to find myself becoming addicted to finding them.  I've entered the looping and shop hop frenzy that has been taking place almost daily on Instagram.   Various businesses and/or bloggers get together to offer you a product from each of their individual stores or an all inclusive prize such as a $500 Target gift card, or $250 in PayPal cash.  Some bloggers have gotten together to offer their favorite things, like Mrs. AOK, who is a great lifestyle/foodie/motherhood blogger.    Others have individual giveaways that feature a great prizes as well. As with any contest, there is a deadline to enter and winners are notified within a certain time-frame established by the host.  Here are links to some present and past offers.

Giveaways are a great way of sharing your passion with others as well as building your fan base.  The winners end up with great prizes and the sponsors/host can grow their audience across all social networks.  Its a great way to build your blog's following
; a Win -Win for everyone involved!   Some giveaways are easy to enter.  Many use Rafflecopter which allow various task to be completed within a few clicks.  Task such as visiting the host's Facebook page, following them on Pinterest or Instagram, and Tweeting about the giveaway.  All task add up to entries into the giveaway.  Depending on the number of hosts involved, some giveaways have proven to be quite exhausting. This is true for Rafflecopter and other methods like the looping I mentioned earlier on Instagram.  The only thing I don't like about this method is the number of people participating and having to like all of their pages.  Some can have  20 or more shops participating in the loop.  Doesn't seem too bad right?  Well, now you'll be receiving  pictures on a regular basis from sites you may not normally follow.  

Recently, I have been very lucky and have won a few of the giveaways that I've entered.  I've won a couple of favorite things, and a few individual sponsors.  

It feels good to get notifications like this...

It's been great participating and winning the giveaways.  I wonder what I'll win next?  Until then...gotta get back to entering. 

Have you entered any giveaways lately?  What have you won?