Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Where do I begin?

I have graveled with the title of my blog for so long.  For starters,  I had no clue what the purpose of my blog would be.  I am an extremely random person and when thoughts come to my head, I verbalize them; I simply bring them to life. I didn't want to focus on one main topic.  I wasn't looking to create a blog that would only relate to my work.  I didn't have a specific audience to reach.  Whenever there is something I feel is worthy of sharing, I want to be able to share it. 

Many names came to mind.  LJ's Blog...too boring.  The Quirky Counselor roamed around for awhile.  I felt people would be looking for solutions to problems.   What's your quirk? has overstayed its welcome.  Actually,  I Googled it and other things with that title came up and I was afraid to use it.  I constantly pondered about a title that represented me.  I am quirky; I am a counselor.   I get these random thoughts in my head.  And on and on it went.  Why don't I have a name that could be twisted into something unique.  Like my friend Germaine who's blog is called The Maine Idea.  Very catchy, isn't it?  Or my friend Valencia who goes by the user name, Just Lency.  Cute isn't it?  Some other names I came up with were Everything Under the Sun, Coffee and Sunshine, Sunshine and Coffee, You Can Call Me LJ.  

After reading other blogs for inspiration and just observing user names on various social media sites, I finally decided on a name for my blog...Sunshine and Elephants!   Sunshine and Elephants?  Why such a strange name? Well it represents me in every way.  For starters, they are my 2 favorite symbols.   I love how the sun radiates energy and life upon everything within its reach, and the massive power and knowledge that an elephant possesses. The two together are a very eclectic blend.  If you have ever followed me on various social media sites, you would have seen evidence of this union a long time ago through a user name I've possessed for many years...Sunphant.  People have always asked how I derived at that name and I just repeat what I explained to you above.  I want my blog to be able to cover any and everything under the sun, hence one of my many thought- over titles.  Tonight, it just hit me that Sunshine and Elephants not only represent me, but it represents any and everything you could possibly image. :)