Sunday, June 19, 2016

My Sunday Photo: Geese

Happy Father's Day to all the fathers of the world.  This Sunday, I watched the head of this flock watch over his family as they fed.  He kept a steady eye on me as I took the pictures.  Don't worry papa geese, I'm not going to mess with your family.  

What adventures or discoveries did you make this Sunday?

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Summer Essentials

The first thing that comes to mind when I think of summer are lazy days and cool breezes.  Not sure why I thought of the latter because we don't get much of a breeze unless we're near the beach.  The summers can be brutal here in Charleston.  It’s like one heatwave after another.  But you can't let that ruin your fun.  The blaring rays of summer may try to beat you down, but there are ways to protect yourself.  Today, I'm sharing with you ten essential items you will need to beat the heat in the south.

Sunscreen:  It's a must!  I strongly advise you to not leave home without it.  Sunscreen is so important for your skin to.  I don't know about you, but I have one for my face and another for my body.  I tend to use face lotion that already has sun protection in it.  If not, Neutrogena has a great one for your face that won't clog your pores or cause break outs.

Lip balm:  Lips get sunburned as well and it’s not a good feeling.  When our lips lose moisture, they begin to feel dry and stiff and they may even crack.  Keep them moisturized with a good coat of protection such as Carmex.  Carmex is my go to for smooth and moist lips.
A personal towel:  No joke.  If you're planning to walk around in our neck of the woods, you had better have a towel or hanky ready.  Perspiration is second nature here.

Deodorant:  Speaking of perspiration, don't forget to apply deodorant.  Please don't leave home without it. Enough said.  

Hand Sanitizer:  If you are out and about, have this handy to keep your hands fresh and clean.

Face wipes:  These work wonders for a quick freshen up.  Keeps you from feeling so sweaty.

Body mist:  During the afternoon heat, a light refreshing fragrance is all you need to complete your attire for the day.  They are refreshing, a good way to cool the body, and they smell great.  Save the heavy stuff for your evening out. Check out your local Bath and Body Works for a wide selection to choose from. My favorite scent is back this summer!  Yay!
Water:  It is so important to keep our bodies hydrated.  Water replenishes what we burn off and it’s an essential must for the hot days of summer. Check out this amazing, refreshing video from Dasani.  Ahhh...

Hats:  Not a favorite of mine, but when the sun is blaring, a hat or visor is sometimes needed.

Sunglasses:  And last but not least, you have to be sure to protect your eyes.  A great pair of #sunnies will do the trick.  Did you see my pick from the Warby Parker collection?  They were definitely helping me to #SeeSummerBetter.

Well this is my list of essentials that have helped me through the summer heat.  
What are some of yours?

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Sunday, June 12, 2016

My Sunday Photo: Males in Shades

I recently did a review for Warby Parker for their new 2016 summer collection, #SeeSummerBetter. I wanted to show some of the other photos taken of my boys styling in their shades.  

Sometimes, we chose not to use photos because of objects in the background or the subject felt they didn't have the right look or the angle wasn't right.  Well, this post will be including said photos because personal I liked them.  You can think of this as somewhat of a blooper reel.  :)

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Warby Parker #SeeSummerBetter

You know me...I live for summertime!  There is so much to do and explore in my area.  Whether you decide to take a lazy beach day with some friends, or attend one of the many festivals life has to offer, Charleston has a lot to offer.

  The warm weather beckons you to come out and enjoy.  However, the suns blaring rays can be detrimental to your eyes, so protecting them is a must.    
I am a sucker for a nice pair of sunnies and cuteness is a must.  That's why I was so excited when Warby Parker approached me to try out some of their frames.  They offer affordable, prescription eyewearand  sunglasses starting at $95. 

One thing that I really like about Warby Parker is their Home Try-On Program.  You get to pick five pairs of glasses or sunglasses to try out for five days.  This way you can try before you buy.  This is great because I must see how the frames look on my face before I buy.  There's no one size fits all here.  If you decide to buy, you just go online and click the pair you wish to order and they are yours.  There is no hassle to buy anything.  Just return all the frames in the same packaging with the prepaid return slip and you are done.

I decided to do the Home Try On program and was amazed with all the designs to choose from.  Now, there were a few that were not available for home try on, which was a bummer.  So I chose a couple that I liked for me... 

and decided to chose the other three in male frames for my sons to try on.

Haskell  in Crystal, Ripley in Whiskey Tortoise, and Barkley  in Antique Shale Fade

I must say that we loved the frames!  Raglan won out over June, but I love the shape and style of both.  June was just a little too snug on my face.  What do you think?

Ragland ended up being my choice for the day and it came in handy since I was attending an outdoor wedding.

The boys enjoyed their frames as well.  Which pair do you like best?

*This is not a sponsored post.  I was contacted by Warby Parker and agreed to review styles from their #SeeSummerBetter Collection.  All opinions are my own.

Are you in need of new glasses or sunglasses?  Have you ever tried Warby Parker?  Which frames did you like best?